About Me

I’m Andy McDonald, an landscape and nature photographer from Aberdeenshire in the North East of Scotland. Photography has been a hobby of mine for a long time and started when out exploring geology, whilst studying geology at university in 2005.

After a few years of general interest with a point and shoot camera, I began moving into the world of DSLRs, with my first camera being a Canon EOS 400D, which I still have to this day. Slowly, my focus has moved towards Scottish landscapes, mainly around Aberdeenshire, and also the night sky, which provides some of the most amazing views possible, especially watching the aurora dance above you in the sky.

More recently, I have started a YouTube channel vlogging my small adventures around the local area. Through these I am hoping to inspire and share knowledge of both photography and the local area. You can visit my channel by clicking here.


Buying Prints

A selection of my images are available to order online through my galleries. If you have seen any images on my social media feeds that are not in the gallery or if there is a product you would like to see, please contact and I will see what I can do.